Modern Luxury European House Decoration Store in Bangkok
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Modern Luxury European House Decoration Store in Bangkok

Modern Luxury European House Decoration Store in Bangkok

There is a wide variety of interior design styles that were developed in different regions and periods across Europe. Many of these styles were so iconic that modern versions of them continue to be popular today and are found in homes all around the world.

Each modern European design style has a unique background and aesthetic. This article will introduce you to some of the most popular modern European design styles and give you tips on incorporating them into your interior design plan.


The Scandinavian design style is characterised by minimalism and simplicity. It emerged in the early 20th-century in Nordic countries such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Functionality is a key element of this style. Each piece is built to fit elegantly into the room design while maximising efficiency. Many people enjoy this design style because it invites a sense of peacefulness and calm into their homes.

Spaces designed in the Scandinavian style feature clean lines and open spaces with lots of light. These designs typically revolve around many natural tones with occasional pops of bright accent colours. In Scandinavian designs, natural materials such as wood, cotton, and wool are commonly seen. You can create this style in your home by embracing a minimalistic approach to decorating and maintaining a clutter-free space.


Victorian interior designs are based on stylings that were popular in nineteenth-century England. This design style is defined by the lavish fabrics and detailed ornamentation associated with social status during the Victorian period. Fittingly named after Queen Victoria, the luxury of a Victorian design in your home can make you feel like royalty.

Unlike Scandinavian-style designs, Victorian designs display taste through rich colours, intricate patterns, and heavy decoration. Grand furnishings and opulent fabrics are key elements to decorating a room in this style. These designs include strong colours, such as dark red, forest green, navy blue, and deep browns. In addition, Victorian-style rooms are decorated with many ornate items like vases and lace doilies or personal items, such as framed pictures and small sculptures.

A modern library and sitting area decorated in a Victorian style.


Baroque design style goes back to the 17th-century, a period of extravagance, deep colours and intricate ornamentation. The Baroque style began in Italy but became popular throughout Europe. This style emphasises extreme visual stimulation, and many people appreciate it for the opulent grandeur and dramatic flair that it brings to a space.

This style is defined by rich, bold colours like deep reds, purples and greens with gold-trimmed furnishings and fixtures. Decorative elements typically include detailed ornamentation and carvings. You can feel free to use lots of patterns in a Baroque-style space and incorporate luxurious floral or damask fabrics. Every part of a Baroque design should create a sense of theatricality and opulence.

French Provincial

The French provincial design style is defined by combining ornate beauty with the rustic features of a countryside home. Sturdy, rustic wood furniture, simple textures, and charming decorations define this aesthetic. Many people enjoy the French provincial style for its simple sophistication and homey atmosphere.

Colour schemes in these designs typically rely on warm, natural tones with a backdrop of creams, beiges and greys, and lightly incorporated pale blues or blush pinks. Brass gold tones are a great accent colour in this style, and wooden inlays on floors and walls are common decorative elements. In addition to rustic wood, wrought iron is a frequently used material in French provincial designs. You can also decorate with antique furniture items like ornate armoires, hanging mirrors and sconces.


Italian interior design has been refined over centuries from the time of ancient Rome up to the modern era. Spaces designed in the Italian style prize both elegant splendour and functionality. Modern Italian designs are simple and make clever use of space compared to their ancient counterparts, but they still incorporate design elements that make small spaces seem large and stately.

Italian designs incorporate clean, contemporary colour palettes, including white or beige walls with brighter colours reserved for decorative accents. Floors are created from natural options like marble or tile. In addition, Italian designs use a wide range of high-quality fabrics that add luxury and refinement. The combination of classic opulence and modern elegance found in Italian interior designs often appeals to people looking to create a sophisticated atmosphere.


Mediterranean-style home designs emulate the serene, warm-weather atmosphere of coastal cities in Italy, Spain, and Greece. Mediterranean style has many interpretations, but most of these designs are defined by natural light, arched doorways and windows, and open floor plans that frequently merge indoor and outdoor spaces. Many people enjoy Mediterranean designs because of their relaxed quality.

Mediterranean style is typically simple and elegant. These designs use neutral colour palettes with accents of brighter natural tones, such as the greens, blues, yellows and golds found in a seaside environment. Natural materials like wood, linen, cotton and terracotta are prominent in this style. Many Mediterranean designs will also incorporate intricate tilework as a decorative element.

Find Everything You Need at Charoen Decor

From simple, nature-influenced Scandinavian or Mediterranean styles to ornate, royalty-inspired Victorian or Baroque styles, there are modern European designs to fit any Bangkok home aesthetic. Whatever interior design style you like, Charoen Decor can help you find everything you need.

We have an excellent selection of luxury furniture to explore from top European brands, and beautiful fabrics and accessories to help you put the finishing touches on your home design. Visit our modern luxury house decoration store in Bangkok to discover our products and learn about our fabrication and installation services.