2022 Modern Furniture Trends for Luxury Bangkok Homes
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The Top 2022 Modern Luxury Furniture Trends for Bangkok Homes

The Top 2022 Modern Luxury Furniture Trends for Bangkok Homes

While most people don’t change their furniture every year, there are distinct trends in popular luxury furniture styles. This article will give you some insights into the top luxury furniture trends in 2022, so you can find the perfect pieces for your modern interior design.

Curving Lines

One emerging trend in 2022 is the prominence of smooth, curvaceous lines in furniture silhouettes and home architecture. Arcs, curves, and soft lines are used across a variety of spaces to create a welcoming, elegant atmosphere. Many of these designs are inspired by nature and the gracefulness of classic sculpture.

Tons of Texture

Texture is an exciting way to add intrigue and depth to any interior design. This year, one of the hottest trends is incorporating textiles with interesting textures, such as tweeds, mohairs, bouclés, and crushed velvets.

Comfort is important in 2022, so the many popular fabrics have soft, cosy textures that make a room feel warm and relaxed. This year, try out tactile experimentation to add an extra dimension to your interior designs.

textured fabrics can add extra depth and softness to your interior design

Revitalization of Colour

Over the past few years, many home designers created rooms using mainly natural tones, including creams, tans, browns, and other neutral shades. In 2022, people are breaking away from these muted colours and experimenting with bold accent colours and patterns again.

Bohemian designs with neutral tones accented with splashes of colour and a mix of interesting patterns are becoming very popular. These layouts create a warm, laidback atmosphere and can be easily decorated with souvenirs bought during holiday travels.

Vintage Items

Building designs around vintage furniture is becoming increasingly popular this year. People value these classic designs, especially since many vintage items were built to last. They can carry memories and evolve with a home or family over many generations.

Vintage items can make great statement pieces that help express the designer’s personality. Additionally, they can be easily customised with modern fabrics to match an existing room design.

vintage furniture upholstered with modern fabrics can be an iconic addition to any luxury home design in Bangkok

Matte Metal Finishes

A popular trend for metal finishes in 2022 is matte stainless steel, nickel, and pewter. Modern metal furniture and household fixtures incorporate darker colours with less shine. This coincides with the increasing popularity of motion control and touchless faucets.

Sustainable Items

The general public is more conscious than ever of the need to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Increasing numbers of people, particularly younger generations, are making changes to help preserve our planet and resources.

This sentiment has led interior designers to look for more sustainable items to feature in their designs. Many popular furniture items are made with more sustainable materials, such as rattan, bamboo or other renewable woods.

Sustainable furniture items can also be made from recycled materials or crafted using fewer chemical processes. Additionally, environmentally conscious furniture manufacturing frequently uses local materials and labour to reduce transportation emissions.

Mindfulness Spaces

Modern society is also increasingly concerned with maintaining a good work-life balance and taking time for self-care. This has led to design trends that emphasise wellness and provide spaces for mindfulness in the home.

Wellness-conscious designs could incorporate minimalist furniture pieces and decorative shapes inspired by nature to create a clean, calming atmosphere. Simple designs are perfect for crafting a restful space for meditation or reflection.

Customise At Charoen Decor

You can keep these trends in mind to find the trendy furniture for any of your 2022 interior designs. Or, if you don’t want to purchase new furniture items, you can reimagine your existing design by using unique luxury fabrics to customise furniture and add stylish accessories.

Charoen Decor can help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends with everything you need to customise your modern luxury furniture in Bangkok. We have a variety of unique luxury fabrics from top European brands. We also provide expert fabrication services to help you create the perfect accessories to fit your interior design needs. Stop by our showroom to discuss your ideas with our knowledgeable staff and craft your dream home design.