Gilded Earth 2023 Fall collection – Charoen Decor
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Gilded Earth 2023 Fall collection

Discover the elegance of our Fall 2023 collection, where opulent metals harmonise seamlessly with dynamic textures. Our curated selection showcases the fusion of reflective metallics with organic elements like sisal, cellulose, cork, and raw Tussore silk, resulting in a captivating blend that brings radiance to any space.


Each design is meticulously crafted to accentuate the inherent beauty of materials, employing techniques such as embossing, tip printing, open structural weaving, and dyeing. The interplay of matte and shiny finishes, light and dark tones, as well as smooth and textured surfaces, creates a mesmerising depth that captures and reflects light, infusing spaces with a touch of deco elegance and visual intrigue.


Embrace the versatility of metallic accents, whether subtly integrated or as a focal point in a luxurious statement wall, illuminating interiors with sophistication. Our collection offers a range of options, from intricate patterns featuring layers of colour and ink to bold brushstrokes and geometric motifs, each contributing to a highly decorative aesthetic.


Explore the myriad possibilities of incorporating a gilded look into your space with our ten exquisite wallcoverings. Whether you seek a subtle touch of shine or a lavish design statement, our collection provides endless inspiration for elevating your interior décor.