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How to Shop for Wallpaper in Bangkok

A pastel bedroom design decorated with gold furnishings and wallpaper featuring a mountain landscape, such as Sanberg wallpapers.

How to Shop for Wallpaper in Bangkok

“A Guide To Wallpaper Shopping For Your Bangkok Home”

The use of wallpaper has been a beautiful room decoration method for thousands of years since it was first invented in 200 B.C. in China. It has since been incorporated into European design styles and used in a variety of interesting ways. Wallpaper can help cover imperfections in a wall, add a spark of colour to a room with minimalistic decor, or incorporate artistic murals into an interior design.

Are you considering wallpaper to decorate a room in your home? This article will help you decide by explaining the benefits and downsides of using wallpaper and introducing different types of wallpaper and their unique qualities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wallpaper

There are many reasons that wallpaper has remained popular for so long. Luxury wallpapers are extraordinarily beautiful and add an artistic flair to any design. Many people prefer wallpaper since it adds a unique textural element to walls. Wallpaper can also be a great choice to cover imperfections in the underlying wall.

Wallpapers are more expensive than paint, but they are also very durable, lasting for more than 15 years. This can make them a worthwhile investment for many people. Additionally, several wallpaper varieties are washable and easy to maintain. There are also many eco-friendly wallpaper options if you want your home design to be environmentally conscious.

Despite their many advantages, wallpapers are not always the best choice. They cannot be applied to all wall types and may be affected by sunlight or moisture. Some wallpaper varieties can be difficult to remove from walls in the future. Additionally, careful installation is essential for ensuring that wallpaper will look good in your room.

A pastel bedroom design decorated with gold furnishings and wallpaper featuring a mountain landscape, such as Sanberg wallpapers.

Types of Wallpaper

Certain types of wallpaper may work better in particular room designs, so it is important to consider their different properties when making your choice.


Liner wallpaper is made from paper or fiberglass and is typically easy to apply and remove from walls. Many people use this type of wallpaper to provide a base underneath more fragile, decorative wallpapers or to cover wall imperfections. However, it can also be used on its own or painted over.


Printed wallpapers are made from paper and can have various colors and designs printed on them. This type is cheaper than hand-printed wallpapers. However, it can tear easily, and ink could bleed out if used in a bathroom or kitchen. One of the famous brands for printed wallpaper is Sanderson.


Vinyl wallpapers are made from printed paper with a layer of vinyl on top. This type is more durable than printed wallpapers. It can be used in bathrooms or kitchens and is easy to clean, making it a very popular type of wallpaper.


Foil wallpaper is made from a thin metal foil, which gives it a shiny appearance. Because this type of wallpaper is reflective, it can accentuate any flaws in the underlying wall. It is recommended that foil wallpaper be installed carefully over a liner to ensure a smooth appearance.


Similar to foil wallpaper, mylar wallpaper has a shiny, reflective appearance. It is made from printed paper covered with polyester film. Mylar wallpaper can be very convenient because it is washable and easy to remove. It’s best to use a liner underneath mylar wallpaper and ensure that it is carefully installed.


Flock wallpaper has fibres glued to its surface that mimic the look and feel of velvet. It can come in many colours and patterns and brings a luxurious textural element to room designs. However, this wallpaper type can be difficult to maintain and remove, so it isn’t appropriate for all spaces.


Bamboo wallpaper is a great ecologically friendly variety made from bamboo fibres and paper. This wallpaper type can be fragile, however, and must be carefully installed to maintain a good appearance. Additionally, bamboo wallpaper cannot be cleaned, so it doesn’t work well in all spaces. Bamboo wallpaper is highly recommended for decorator who are looking for a natural-looking material. However, there are many brands, such as Designersguild and Thibaut, launching Vinyl wallpaper to look like bamboo which is more durable and washable.

Simple modern room design featuring natural colours and a wallpaper accent wall.

Important Wallpaper Tips

There are a few general tips to follow when deciding how to use wallpaper.

Avoid Sunlight

Try to avoid putting wallpaper on walls that will receive a lot of direct sunlight. This can cause your wallpaper to fade and lose its colour. Fading can be especially obvious if the whole room is wallpapered, as one will area could end up less vibrant.

Choose Dry Areas

Wallpaper should not be applied to any walls that are frequently exposed to moisture, as it will quickly cause wallpaper to wrinkle and peel off the walls. It is important to ensure that any wallpapered areas will stay dry so that your wallpaper will look beautiful for as long as possible.

Be Creative

Many people may think that wallpaper needs to cover an entire room with one color or pattern, but you can use wallpaper in a variety of ways. Wallpaper can be a fun way to accent a single wall or highlight certain areas of a room.

You can also choose wallpaper only in the lower or upper sections of your wall. You could even choose to use wallpaper on the ceiling of a room or to add a pop of colour to the inside of a closet. Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you use wallpaper in your design.

Avoid Large Design Patterns

We recommend you try to avoid choosing a large design pattern of wallpaper in a small room.
A large design pattern of wallpaper, such as mural wall, usually requires at least 3 meter height of wall.

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