A Guide To Buying Customised Furniture
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How To Select And Order Customised Furniture From Our Bangkok Store

A woman considers luxury fabric options for a customised pillowcase design.

How To Select And Order Customised Furniture From Our Bangkok Store

One of the most exciting aspects of interior design is adding a personal touch. Many luxury interior designs are accented with customised furniture upholstery and the incorporation of modern fabrics. This article will introduce you to the furniture upholstery process and teach you how to select the right fabric for your customised furnishings.

The Benefits of Furniture Customisation

Opens Up Design Possibilities

Customised furniture is a great option for people who have a specific design idea in mind for their space. Finding the perfect furniture item that meets your functionality requirements and fits your colour scheme can be difficult. Custom upholstery allows you to select items that fit your size requirements and needs, and adjust the colour or pattern to your liking.

Match Your Current Design

Custom upholstery allows you to easily fit a new furniture item into an existing design. This means you can match any furniture item to your design and easily find new pieces for your home.

Switch Up Designs Easily

You can also use customised furniture upholstery to change an existing design without replacing all your furniture. You can reinvent a room or refresh a current design without making a large investment, and create a space that you love.


How to Get Started

Gather Design Ideas

The first step to creating customised furniture is to assess your design requirements. Think about the current or potential design for your space. Take note of the colours and patterns you like and consider what will fit your other furniture items well.

You should also think about how many pieces of furniture you need and what your budget is. This will allow a designer to provide you with appropriate options.

Understand Your Needs

Consider how you will use your furniture and your functionality requirements. Will your furniture be heavily used? Are there children or pets in your home? Is the furniture mainly for relaxing, working, or something else? Answering these questions will give you insight into the type of fabric that will work best for each of your pieces.

Take Measurements

Take measurements for each of the pieces that you want to customise. Write down measurements for the overall size of the furniture, as well as the area of each piece that will be covered. This will ensure that you know how much fabric is needed for your upholstery project.

Consult An Expert

Finally, it’s time to look at fabric options. Bring all your notes with you to the showroom so you can explain to the showroom staff what you’re looking for. They will recommend the materials and styles that may fit your design ideas and meet your functionality requirements.

Once you’ve collected some potential options, you can take fabric samples to test out in your room to see how they look against the rest of your design. When making a decision, be sure to consider all elements of the fabric, including how durable and long-lasting it is, how well colours coordinate with your design, how comfortable it is, and how much it will cost.


Charoen Decor’s Customisation Services

If you want to add a personal touch to your home, visit Charoen Decor’s customised furniture store in Bangkok. We have a variety of unique luxury fabrics from top European brands. Our professional staff are happy to advise you on which collections would best suit your design needs.

Our skilled team includes fabrication experts who provide a range of high-quality upholstery and fabrication services to bring your ideas to life. Customise your design with personalised furniture upholstery, curtains, trimmings, and pillowcases. Stop by our showroom to view our array of fabrics and learn more about our customisation services.